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As a stylist, my clients all know they will not walk out of my chair without a fabulous blowdry. It is where my creativity and hard work come alive and are complete. A blowout is my favorite part of the service. I often hear my clients say to me, “I wish you could come to my house and do this for me… you make me look and feel so good!”

It was always a desire of mine to be able to do this. Then along came my assistant Nick. His passion for blowouts and styling matched mine and he encouraged me to bring this idea to life. What if we could go to people’s homes and blowout and style them all in the luxury and comfort of their own home? Just a relaxing service, in the privacy of your home, no extra appointments to drive to, no traffic, no time constraints or rushing around or parking. How much time and energy would this save people?


We are so busy these days but let's face it, blow drying and styling your own hair is a tedious task that most are not good at. A great blow-dry can improve a woman’s appearance dramatically, heighten her self esteem, bring magic to a cut and color and last a few days... sometimes even a week! 


Thus, Homeblown Lux was born!  We are proud to bring the mobile blowout experience to the greater Boston market.  We can’t wait to have you experience our “luxuriously convenient" service!

~ Jenn Falzarano

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